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Nail Art Brush

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Nail Art Brush


1. Liner No.1:Made up of soft and thin brush, mostly used to draw elaborate lines, ranging from thin to thick lines.
Easy for beginners to produce lace art and checkered nail art.

2. Liner No.2 :Mostly used for French art, flowers, leaves, checkered nail arts, and thick lines.

3. Square brush:Mostly used for French line, folk art, drawings, as well as full coat.
Easy to finish off sides of the nails.


NaBeeya offers the perfect product that satisfies both the nail artists and the customers, developed by the expertise of the nailmaster JBee. Our nail polish contains a premium bush that most pro nail artists prefer.Simple and elegant nail polish bottles designed to be comfortable even when using for a long period of time.There is no typical odor of gel polish, thus one may work for long hours. There is almost no damage to natural nail due to an easy soak-off. With the soft spreadability, optimal viscosity, wonderful colors and splendid crystal gloss, art is brought to the tip of your fingers.